Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction That You Ought to Know

Erectile dysfunction has been studied to be one of the top most causes for a failed relationship not only that it severely dents ones confidence to such an extent that males start avoiding lovemaking. So what is erectile dysfunction, it is a sexual dysfunction where in a male is incapable of maintaining sufficient erection of during lovemaking. Generally the main cause of erection is when blood is preserved within the male organ making it look like a Hydraulic effect. Thought the problem is serious and quick remedy is the ideal choice it is advised to relate to home remedies rather than go for expensive surgeries or getting the dysfunction treated through medication. Hormone optimization therapy

Lets look into what causes erectile dysfunction – There are various reasons behind a male suffering from erectile dysfunction. Researchers have found that there are a few drugs that play a vital role in increasing impotency within a male and Nicotine is does the most of them all. Males having hormonal disorders are also affected especially the ones with low or high testosterone levels. Then there are psychological disorders like stress, anxiety, mental disorders, panic etc.

So without further adieu let’s discuss on the home remedies that available towards us in the case of erectile dysfunction. Spices of Indian kitchen can do miracles to really cure complex diseases and they are no exception to impotency. Chew 2-3 cloves of raw garlic daily. This cures sexual impotency. Even garlic bread is healthy for sperm count in males.

Another efficient aphrodisiac for impotency is onion. Peel and crush a white onion and fry it in butter. Then take it with a teaspoon of honey. This mixture should be taken when your stomach has been empty for at least two hours. It helps prevent premature ejaculation and Spermatorrhea (loss of semen during sleep). You can also try a dried mixture of black gram and onion juice. It improves your performance in bed. Carrots are also very helpful in this. Take 150 grams of finely chopped carrots with a half boiled garlic and honey. This increases stamina while having lovemaking. As we know kidney disorders lead to impotency therefore it is advised to take mineral zinc. Another herb that takes care of erectile dysfunction is Gingkoit softens down the muscles within the male organ and helps in regulating blood flow thus removing erectile dysfunction up to some extent.

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