Gap Concept; was first presented by David Sklansky a long time ago. David Sklansky is one of the gurus of poker and has written useful material in this field. Obviously you are going to need a better hand as compared to your opponents in online poker. This is where the gap concept comes in;

The hand which is needed to call for an opening bet and the hand needed to open with is called the gap. The ratio and flexibility of the gap varies and it is dependent on whether you opponents are playing a tight or lose poker game.

If the overall poker tournament is going tight than the width of the gaps will also be also be bigger. On the contrary if the whole poker gaming session is loose, the gap is going to be tight. It means that someone is raising with a lot of hands when first inside. You are not or you would never call a raise with these hands normally.

The gap size is also dependent on the stack size. Your mall stack is going to decrease the gap, meaning that you are on a tight string regarding stealing / raising chips with weaker hands. But a possible alternative is that your small stack will make other players less eager to go for a call or raise. They know this because you are not bluffing with a small stack they will take it slow with the gambling and betting stuff.

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